Audio file analysis FFT

I am trying to find a good audio file analysis tool.
I see there are a few tools for real-time analysis. I was wondering if any of these could be used with an audio file as a source instead?
Or maybe an addon or a way to get the FFT from a file?

Any hint is much appreciated!

Check out the ofxMaxim library. I hear good things about ofxTonic but my experience lies with ofxMaxim and it’s incredibly straightforward to get the FFT spectrum from an input, there are examples in the git repository demonstrating the functionality you need.

Hey @superdude,
thanks for the hint. I didn’t know the ofxTonic. Looks ace but it seems only for sound manipulation rather than analysis. I knew a bit ofxMaxim. I’ve checked again the examples. I only found some real-time analysis, though. I need analysis from an audio file. I am not very familiar with the audio processing in C++. Maybe I should be able to address the input from an audio file rather than the mic? Do you have any suggestion?


I think I’m getting there…Maybe I found a way. thanks:) :notes:

Hey hope you have already got it. So the object you want is likely a maxiSample but check the header files it may be defined slightly differently in the header file for the openFrameworks wrapper.

Call the maxiSample::load() in ofApp::setup() with the path to the file and call the maxiSample::play(1.) to return a double value at normal speed in the audio thread. I think that double value can be called in the fft.process() method to get the spectrum.

Or have I misunderstood you and you are looking for something different?

yep! I sorted that last night. It’s working well. Now I can proceed with the rest:)
thanks @superdude