Audio engine - DSP libraries

Hi Everyone,
I’m working on a project in which the audio part was developed in Pure Data and I was connecting each others through the OSC protocol. Now I would like to integrate it in the OF project since will be running then on the raspberry. Which audio engine /audio libraries would you suggest to use it?

Maximillian, all the way.

But I think the updated ofxPD library also runs fine on the Pi and you might be able to embed the PD project inside the oF project itself.

thanks…Actually I’ve just found out also this one that looks like more updated. Have you maybe tried it?

yeah I meant the ofxPDSP, not ofxPD in my previous post :smiley:

No, I’ve not tried that, but I’ve not worked with PD a lot - if you’re current project is already in PD, it might be best to use that :slight_smile:

I’ll give a try and let you know then :slight_smile: