Audio Crackling in Raspberry Pi 3B

Hi, I use ofxPd to play sound on RPi and it works but I hear audio crackling time to time. It happens even I increase the audio buffer size.

I would like to ask if there’s a way to improve the audio performance in RPi.

If I call ofSoundStreamListDevices(), it shows the following:

[Unkown API: 0] hw:bcm2835 ALSA, 0 [in:0 out:2]
[Unkown API: 1] hw:bcm2835 ALSA, 0 [in:0 out:8]
[Unkown API: 2] hw:bcm2835 ALSA, 0 [in:0 out:8]
[Unkown API: 3] default [in:32 out:32]

Should I use other driver than ALSA? Any advice would be appreciated!

I think it could be the problem of my Pure Data Patch running too heavy audio process for my Raspberry Pi.

When I changed the patch to just a simple sine wave generator, it worked fine without any crackling noise.

I wonder if something like this would make my audio app more performant.

This is normal as the RPI3 shares the audio clock with some other hardware process (forgot what) and this is what ensues. For audio critical applications use a (cheap) usb sound card. The behringer one is the one I’ve used with my Pd stuff.

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