Audio and GPS - what happens when screen locked

A few of questions about what happens when the screen is locked… does the whole ofApp context get paused?

Any audio playing stops and needs re-triggering which makes me wonder …

  1. does GPS stop? I need to see the app to know this at the moment, which is a little tricky to test for a screen lock - it could be that the location updates fast on unlock and reloading of the context… i.e. it looks like the system has been working but possibly actually isn’t!

  2. if the App context doesn’t gets paused then is there a way round the media stopping

Which makes me wonder - if the ofApp context gets paused then I need to get into the JAVA to write some sort of service thing - which seems completely at odds with OF and might as well write in JAVA in the first place! (except the budget is only fro cross platform so I’ll have to run non-locked)?