Audience is an installation by rAndom international ( and Chris O’Shea (

There were 64 mirror objects, each controlled by 2 servos for pan and tilt. These objects would chat amongst themselves, when someone appeared in the space, they would pause, then all turn to face the person. They would track you around the room, but move on to someone else if they got bored (based on various scoring) or continue to chat between them. The mirrors can be positioned anywhere and any angle, they are calibrated in such a way that they will always look roughly at the area of your face.

Some photos and screenshots of the software here……-056355361/

No official video yet, but here is some hand-cam stuff:…-rnational/

Will post better documentation very soon.

Page online now

Hey Chris,

Really cool work. But what kind of camera did you use to track the user? is it some sort of infrared camera?

No just a cctv camera.

screenshots of the software here

[quote author=“chrisoshea”]No just a cctv camera.

screenshots of the software here[/quote]

Hi Chris,

Very nice, very original idea…
CCTV camera from the security or a custom one ?

In the last case, maybe you would have some recommandations to make ?