Aubio installing

Hi! Someone can give me a short tutorial to install aubio libraries to use on code::blocks (WIndows), because on the aubio site and from this page
I don’t able to do.


export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
./configure --disable-shared
make install

appears as 1 line only in the page you post, which is by the way not the aubio site.

actually the aubio site:

has windows downloads

Thanks for the replies, but I must only copy the file “.dll” from the download, inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Vamp Plugins ?

How I have to do to recall the aubio “.h” files inside my new code blocks project, in other words how can associate the aubio libraries, installed,in that way to my code::blocks project?

hi OF !

We’re also trying to include ofxAubio in a Windows 10 project with OF 0.9.

Has anyone been able to use and compile ofxAubio for Windows with the binary libs from ?

We’re a bit lost if it’s already enough to get the DLL from the website or do we need to install Aubio on the system ?

Any hints much appreciated …


I’m also trying to get this to work with windows 10 and vs 2015. Any help or news would be highly appreciated.

since last year there’s an official aubio addon from aubio’s developer:

If anyone’s having trouble compiling/linking for windows i put a few instructions here…

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