Attempting to compileOF on Linux Mint 19.1

Just installed dependencies according to this linux setup guide - - that went okay; and trying to compile the OF as is written as a next step…

the output I got at the end notified me of the failure to compile:

So, I’m posting my whole log of the process: (6.0 KB)

Installed QtCreator and also the OF extension for it; and of course, it won’t compile any OF app.

Currently using Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon.
What can I do about that to compile the OF successfully? (./ gives me pretty much similar error results… I included it in the zip file)

Thanks for any help.

Oh sorry… Didn’t follow through the possibility of Third-Party Linux Distribution using the lsb_release -a method.
I was just wondering, if I have a Linux distro that is derived from Ubuntu (Linux Mint), isn’t it sufficient to treat it as Ubuntu and that’s it?
Even though I have Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon Tessa, I just installed it like

cd OF/scripts/linux/ubuntu
sudo ./

because this distro is derived from ubuntu. So, I guess it’s not sufficient?

Can you try using the nightly builds instead of the official release? At the moment, most recent linux distributions are broken with the official OF download but should work with the nightlies.

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Some nightly builds of the OF?
Thanks @arturo, I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks for everything and thumbs up for @arturo!
Nightly build of_v20190324_linux64gcc6_nightly.tar.gz works just fine and of course, for the users of QtCreator, it seems the only way to get rid of the errors in the project file is to refresh (restart) QtCreator IDE.