Atrribution to openFrameworks

I’m using openFrameworks to develop an app and I’m making the code public and want to license it under GPL.

My question is, should I include any copyright notice to openFrameworks? I was browsing through some of the github repos in the examples tag and none of them seem to do it. Maybe you just need to include a copyright notice if I was actually including part of the openFrameworks source code, which is not the case, since I am just using it?


I don’t think you need to include the license if you are not including the code itself, maybe just link to the repo and license:

attribution is always good, it helps people make connections between things – thanks for asking!

I see! As I thought it was or at least it seems. I’ll link it then most definitely. Thanks for your reply Zach! Cheers!

Can you create a GPL-licensed work with MIT-licensed OF, though?

Please someone correct me if I am wrong, the thing here is that I am in no way distributing any part of openFrameworks source code, the "Software" as it reads in the MIT License. MIT License gives me the right to use that code and tells me I should include the copyright notice in all copies or substantial portions of the Software, which I am actually not doing.

At the same time, seems to be a nice thing to mention which software library you used for your projects and link it to the respective link and license, as Zach was saying, which I’ll do for my own project as well.

you can distribute GPL-licensed work which uses MIT-licensed work, but you can’t distribute MIT-licensed work which uses GPL, unless it is also simultaneously licensed as GPL.

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ah, that sounds reasonable.