Ati or Nvidia video card?

Hi OF People!!

Im buying my new computer, a PC (Mac its out of budget right now) , and i have to select my video card.

The question : Nvidia or ATI?

Any recomendations?

Thank you very much for you time and answeurs!


It’s up to you. because Ati and nVidia have same quality. make sure you search for review about that two product, they have a lot quantity product that makes you boring to find the best

It depends upon your budget. Both Ati and Nvidia are good quality video cards, you just need to choose the right type of vcard to use depending on your needs. If you’re into high spec gaming, then maybe you should choose a type that has a 3d accelerator function or some other features that could handle the game. For ordinary use, a cheap 256Mb video card might do.