At my wits end!

OK, I’ve been trying to integrate OF with Visual Studio pro 2008 (SP1) for the last three days. I seem to have most of the kinks ironed out. However, there is one problem which I simply cannot solve. I can compile the example applications in debug mode but not in Release mode due to the RTAudio/RTAudioD libs being built with an earlier version of the compiler.

I have tried downloading the RTAudio VS2008 update suppled on this site but to no avail. I have also tried renaming RTAudio as explained in another post.

I have a feeling that the version of RTAudio supplied in the patch was built with VS Express 2008 (pre SP1). MS compilers are notorious for this.

So, my question is, what are my options? Should I download the RTAudio source and attempt to compile under mingw or cygwin? Or, is there perhaps has someone else found a solution?

Thanks for any help


hi –

I’ll try to explain the problem with vs 2008 as best I can…

first, MSoft makes it impossible to compile libraries that work across versions of their IDE. Why? I have no idea.

some info:…-udio-2008/…-f39ae6e69/…-ry-linking

second, when we made the 0.05 package for VS 2005, we made it with a specific idea in mind, which was to have the same libraries for debug and release. The reason is that the properties panel in VS is very fidgety, and if you add a library under “all” targets and you have different debug and release libraries, it winds up overwriting the debug and release ones. This was a bg problem as people started to use addons, so with vs 2005 we acheived that.

third, with VS 2008, there are bigger problems. you can’t compile debug libraries that work in release, or release libraries that work in debug, primarily because of new things they are doing, like SECURE_SCL settings, etc…-kID=352481

I haven’t for example, been able to make a rtAudio library (one) that works across debug and release in 2008. I do have both debug and release versions compiled and I will put them online. Also, if I have a free moment, I can make a minimal OF package for 2008 – maybe not every app, but a starting point for a 2008 release where debug and release are working.

One thing that’ hard for us right now, is creating packages for each compiler, especially based on quirks like this… I keep hitting my head against the wall with VS issues, they seem to make it very hard to do simple stuff. Likely for 0.06 we will just support 2008, so that it’s easier to stay up to date with all the weird issues, etc.

sorry about the frustration!

take care,

Thanks for the quick and in-depth reply Zach. It’s very much appreciated.

I feel your pain re:VS2008. I’m having problems besides the library issues previously mentioned such as slow down and random freezing when editing (minimal) cpp and .h files. I tried out codeblocks yesterday and was amazed at both the speed and excellent code prediction. Not to mention the easy integration with OF. Pretty sad that a freeware app can so easily trounce a commercial IDE.

Anyway, thanks again.


OK, I reverted back to VS 2005 (I have an MSDN accoount so no cost thankfully) and everything works a treat. I’ve now been using OF for around 2 hours now and absolutely love it.

Big thanks Zach :slight_smile: