At last: the Stupid question

I am interested in creating backdrop visual content for performing bands. Is OpenFrameworks really for physical interativity with content or are there enough features that will help create interesting visuals that do not need interactivity …?

( the band members are all quite busy onstage :-O)

Also - how do I get started…?

  1. download to my Mac
  2. are there any tutorials …?
  3. Import video…?
  4. …?

I have programmed many languages in my lifetime (although not C++) so I hope this will help me.

Thank you all in advance for your patience

openframeworks is good both forn interactivity and for generative stuff in general.

to get you started:

  • download the mac version from the site
  • install xcode
  • read the setup page
  • double click on the xcode projects of the examples and begin to get your hands dirty