Asus Xtion Pro slow initialization


This isn’t an oF question particularly, but I’m hoping people on this forum can help.
I’m using 2 Asus Xtion Pro sensors and I think initialization is a bit slow.

Using either OpenCV built with OpenNI support or ofxOpenNI in openFrameworks it takes ~4,5 seconds
to successfully initialize a single sensor. When two are connected it takes ~8,10 seconds and both sensors
initialize for the first 2,3 times. After than the second sensor freezes when it tries to initialize the depth map(which is the only one I’m using), proably because of a USB timeout.

At the moment to get around this I unplug/replug the sensors to the USB ports. I’ve made sure they use separate USB hubs/buses.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with the Asus sensors ? Any ideas/hints on how to deal with this ?