Assimp64-vc140-mt.dll Current master github and assimp

I am stuck in a corner, I need to use a current ish master of OF, and it seems there is something up with the apothecary.

First, the download libs scripts has defaulted to vs2017, I guess this is a sign of the times, however the download libs script does not get the correct libs. If I build against 140 for vs2015 I get assimp64-vc140-mt.dll could not be found. If I build against 141 (vs 2017) I get some boos libraries for 141 missing.

I really only need to use assimp with a recent commit of OF. The download libs seems to give me the wrong libs no matter what (I checked with the nightlies that also do not build assimp in 2015 or boost in 2017).

I can even just take a copy of the assimp64-vc140-mt.dll for now so at least I can can get going until this is actually working. Does anyone have a copy of this dll so I can get my app working again?

renaming the assimp64.dll seems to get me runnning, although I assume this is a hack of large proportions.

Cross-link: we’re tracking this issue here