Artnet troubles windows 10?

Hey OF forum,

Attempting to get Artnet functionality working for a project, has anyone had success on windows 10? With the ofxArtnet addon I get a console error message "[ error ] node is not found "

Tested with firewalls disabled as recommended. Was able to successfully get artnet working using MadMapper.

Any help would be appreciated.


I ran in the same problem a few weeks ago. My conclusion is that Libarnet is quite strict with Artnet implementation, and refuse to send any message to any node that hasn’t answered the ArtnetPoll/ArnetPollReply messages (used ofr autodiscovery).

If you set the addon to work in verbose mode, it sends out the list of available nodes at the begining, I ahve being unable to send to anything that is not on that list, not even broadcasting the message, which is supposed to work.