Artnet Network issue


I’m using ofxArtnet on OSX.13 on a MacPro with 2 ethernet cards and wifi.

I’m using a hardware node/artnet on port 6454
I can monitor things with the tcpdump command
I connected as OSX admin.

I’ve set the IP manually in order to get data sent on the ethernet card 1
Everything’s working as expected with a simpler MaxMsp artnet test patcher.

But with the same configuration my OF app wants to send data on the WIFI IP only and no artnet data comes to the node.

When compiling the OF code the Xcode console says :

“ofxUDPManager.cpp : 295 EACCES : the process not have the privilege to create socket of the specified style or protocole”

Is anybody knows that issue ? is it OF related ?
Any advice would help.

This was giving me a headache for some time! I resolved this issue enabling the SO_BROADCAST flag. I did this by adding

setsockopt(m_hSocket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_BROADCAST, ( char *)&unused, sizeof (unused));

to ofxUDPManager::Create in ofxUDPManager.cpp within the ifdef Apple block

setsockopt(m_hSocket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_REUSEPORT, ( char *)&unused, sizeof (unused));

Hope this helps