Artist Studio Position@Madrid, Spain

Hi there!

We are looking for a young but still with some experience creative programer for an artist studio based in Madrid. The tasks she or he will be taking care of will be the development, installation and test of new works but also the maintenance of new and old works of the studio. This also includes generating documentation (manuals). She or he will be reporting directly to the senior programmer/project manager but will work directly with the leading artist sometimes.

We are looking for someone with good C++ programming skills, with good knowledge of openframeworks, in mac (XCode), windows (Visual Studio) and linux environments.
Knowledge of Processing, Arduino, Unity, openCV, VVVV, SuperCollider, Max/MSP etc… are a plus
Knowledge of Adobe Suite, specially After Effects and Photoshop is recommended.
This person will assist the artist and senior programmer to develop new projects but will have to go through the archive of past artworks in order to be able to maintain older works too.

She or he should be open to travel outside Madrid and Spain in order to install works in fairs, galleries, museums and private collections. Trips will be covered and compensated by the studio in addition to her or his salary.

We are a small but pretty tight team. She or he should be a good team player, willing to take care of projects on her or his own but also willing to share different parts of the project with the rest of the team.

This person should be fluent in English. Knowledge of Spanish would be recommended. We all speak English at different levels but being able to communicate in Spanish would make her or his integration in the team easier.

This is a small team covering a wide range of tasks, skills and responsibilities. The candidate will be expect to assist the studio in a wide range of tasks not necessarily related to her or his “creative coder” profile like packing artworks, helping to keep the studio neat among others things.

Salary would be based on her or his skills and performance, and there will be a 6 months test period. Working hours will be 5h/day (half-working day) but extra hours are to be expected. These hours will be compensated in addition to the salary. Freelancing is preferred at the beginning. In any case, if the working relation is good and the amount of work she or he needs to cover fulfils 5h/day, 5 days a week, she or he will be hired.

Please, send me a PM if you are interested, have questions or can suggest somebody who may be a good candidate!
Thanks a lot,