hello, can anyone help to solve these issues:

I am not a programmer but an artist who needs to turn a Quartz Composition into a standalone application in such a way that it is:

  2. invisible but responsive mouse pointer.
    3)it would be great if the application could start in full screen straight away, so when the computer is switched on in the gallery, the application starts in full screen every day without anyone’s extra attention.

Since I am not a programmer everything in Xcode is new to me. However Quartz Composer was the only solution that I found that suits my project.

I already succeeded to make a standalone application from the quartz file in Xcode, so I have a very basic understanding of how to edit things etc. but it was not full screen, now i need to combine my quartz composition (an animation that is wrapped around a sphere and responds to mouse movement) with this full screen thing.

Quick Time plays my Quartz file very nicely, too, but there is no way to make the mouse pointer invisible and start in full screen (at least I do not know how to do that)

I already found a beautiful FULL SCREEN WITH TRANSITION code at…-ment-61487 (donwloadable at the end of their page) but I have no idea how to combine that with my existing Quartz Composition

However I do not need such a nice transition that is included in that code,so anything will do for me.

Any help concerning the three questions would be appriciated!! Thanks!
Istvan :smiley:

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