Artist looking for help with interactive installation

Last year I started working with the concept of interactivity for large scale wall installations and I am interested in having some custom tools to allow for the installations I envision. The tool should be versatile enough to allow for exploration in the medium, but will also be relatively barebones with regard to interface. (i.e. up and down arrows on the keyboard might be controls for the application, as opposed to a refined on screen interface). The application would involve loading of images, image sequences, and movie files to be displayed on screen. These different elements should allow for position and size to be specified. Using computer vision, I would like to cue areas to begin playing when people are present, or stop other areas from playing. This is a work in progress and I am looking for someone that can advise on the best ways to implement some of the technical aspects for a projection based installation. I live in Los Angeles but I am currently in NY until October 31st.
My work has been presented in over 30 solo exhibitions and in more than 165 group exhibitions. I have received numerous awards, among them are Individual fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts,a commission from the Public Art Fund in New York, an Individual Artist Grant from the City of Los Angeles,and an Artist’s Fellowship in New Genres from the California Community Arts Foundation and CCF Fellowship for Visual Artists. My work was exhibited at The J.Paul Getty Museum in October 2011 and I currently has two installations at the Los Angeles International Airport.
You can see my work at: