Artist looking for a creative coder skilled in generative animation and sequencing


Looking for a creative coder who would like to collaborate on generative animation projects. I currently am super jazzed about wave functions and rose mathematics. I’m able to enact most of my ideas… but oftentimes I hit a wall between the vision and my skills.

About me and the work: NYC based, my practice is about mindfulness and meditation experience through perpetually moving animations that are stylistically inspired by circular imagery such as mandalas. You can see samples of my work at

Ideally looking for someone who can provide code guidance and is excited to coollaborate

  • michelle

Glad to help, but I am at London

great work michelle! I’m sure you’ll find people here but if you need any help in ny ping me off list and I’ll try to connect you with someone.

Hello Michelle,
I would like to help you in this. There is also an interesting workshop in Barcelona around curves and polar movements, I guess I could start something there for you.

Tell me what you think about,

Hi Carles,

Thank you for your interest. That workshop looks cool. I reached out to
Zach so I’m curious to see if I can find someone in NYC to work with as
well. Do you have an email address I can reach you at?

best, michelle