Artificial Smile

Project description:

The tools we use change the way we perceive and understand ourselves. Since the 1950s the proliferation of the amateur camera has allowed for the mass documentation of our individual self and our portrait. The staging of the image and how we ‘look’ or represent our selves and our body changed as we learnt in part to ‘play-to-the-camera’. Editing softwares such as Photoshop lead to further changes and to the ‘touching’ up of our image in the pursuit of ‘perfection’. While contemporary digital image processing techniques such as the auto-retouch function enables digital cameras to alter your image in real-time.

The camera ‘Artificial Smile’ plays with the notion of perfection and auto-retouch. Created as a picture apparatus, it shows only smiling people’s picture to be taken, irrespective of their former emotional state. To achieve this camera takes a picture but overlays it with a smiling mouth drawn from a pre-existing pool of pictures with smiling faces. To generate to maximum level of exaggeration the replaced smiling mouth impression is matched as realistically as possible to that of the initial portrait taken.

Artificial Smile is a collaboration between Stefan Stubbe ( and Andreas Schmelas (, realized in the summer semester 2009 at “Digitale Klasse”, University of the Arts, Berlin (

Project is made with the help of openFrameworks v0.06, AAM Library ( and Amit Agrawals Poisson Solver (

Source Code to follow soon …

this is really cool. Had a chance to see it at Festival UM.
Where you at the unsworn industries workshop?



Hi rui,

no I wasn’t there - had to fix some bugs so I hadn’t the time to go there.
But I had a really great time in Lisbon :smiley:

super nice!!

Very nice!
Just posted it on…-s-objects/


thanks a lot for featuring this project :stuck_out_tongue:

Beforehand I was a complete noob in computer vision, a lot of time was going into research for the right technology - the superb openframeworks community helped me a lot in this process, thanks o lot!!!

This is amazing!

I like that it takes so much work to get a ‘simple’ idea implemented: “make it look like someone is smiling”.

Also very nice to see that aam-library is further developed, last time I tried to get it working… :frowning: it wasn’t happy.

yeah, lot of work. It took me several moths of research :slight_smile:


nice work! thanks for sharing
looking forward to seeing the src :smiley:

Very cool project! Good job!

Hey its really very cool one. I really like it too much and the project on which you are working its really very nice thinking. If you have any more than you can share it with us so that we can also leave artificial smile and get the original smile on our face.


thank you very much for this nice comment. I’m very sorry for the delay until releasing the source code. Actually I’m rewriting several parts for another exhibition beginning next month – this time I’m trying to get my code a bit tidier so I’ll be able to release several OF extensions (ofxAAM, of ofxPossionSolver …).

Hopefully Ill be able to make a proper documentation of the exhibition including stuff like video documentation and so on.


sources available on the website. … but still very ruff :wink:


thanks for releasing the source.
trying to build it and think it might be missing ofxPoissonSolver.
couldn’t find it anywhere on the forum either.



sorry if ofxPoissonSolver is missing. Will upload it this evening (… few hours)!


ok, uploaded the addons here:
sorry for realeasing ruff code like my one :wink:

have fun!