Artificial Life (Primordial Soup Simulation)

Hi there, I made an Artificial Cellular Life simulation with openFrameworks using simple attraction/repulsion rules. I wanted to share it with you here.
openFrameworks & ofxgui gave me the ability to fine-tune the parameters in real-time and this has helped to me discover so many interesting & never seen before self-organizing patterns just from simple attraction/repulsion rules.
It will be nice to add the ability to save & load the parameters from file. The project is opensource, so please feel free to contribute. I do think these kind of simulations might help to find and explain many seemingly complex phenomena in nature

project link on Github:

Demos and Video Explanation:

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Gorgeous work! I can do a variation saving / loading presets with this ui GitHub - dimitre/ofxMicroUI: UI for OpenFrameworks


so :star_struck: