Art installation

Hi guys! I’m a student from Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden.

We have just started our “Exploring Technology” module where we have to make an digital installation that will be presented at a exhibition for the digital industry.
The theme for the exhibition is “Work hard. Play hard.” and my group really want to play around with the Kinect and use it to make a game.
Our game is a kind-of Frankenstein/Godzilla game where we want to track the motions of the limbs of two persons at the same time. And then use them to control one object. (In this case, the monster) The objective of the game itself is for the monster to defend itself from waves of government forces(tanks, helicopter, infrantry etc) by hitting them with its arms and feet before they reach the monster.

So for example if Player1 controls the right leg of the monster with his/hers left and the left arm with his/hers left arm, Player2 controls the other remaining limbs. Then we mix it up by shuffling the controls without any obvious visual effects to challenge the players.

If you have any suggestions on how to do it, or which particular piece of software we should use, please share it with us

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

of course you will need ofxOpenNI: it will allow you to track the skeleton data from your players. Also be sure to give a look at