arrays declaration & static filling...

Hi there,
I have a very C++ personal problem with an array :frowning:

in my .h
I do that:
int myArray[SIZE];

where SIZE is defined.

in my .cpp
I want to fill myArray by the braces stuff
BUT, to do that, you have to do it at the declaration time (afaik)

How can I deal with the constraint to declare it in .h & the filling in the cpp ?

(it is probably the most basic thing that has the most stuck me)

like this.
buy maybe i am not understanding your question.

by the braces stuff

in setup

for(int i=0; i<SIZE; i++){  
myArray[i] = someInteger;  

or in .cpp

before void setup()

int myArray[3] = {8,7,6};  

yes it is very clear.
the (newbie/easy) thing which made me stuck was just the fact I thought I had to declare the variable also in the header…

thanks a lot…!