Is there an equivalent of an ArrayList like in C#, thats in OF or C++?

I would like to do something like this:
points.Add(new Point(xPos, yPos)); //C#

and stuff like points.Count?

Is there also something that allows me to do this:
Point[] pnts = (Point[])points.ToArray(typeof(Point));// C#

where Point[] is an array that contains x and y points in a 2d plane.

hi !

for your first question — it’s called a vector, and it’s part of the stl

there is alot of info about the stl online –…-c4027#more

abstract machine has posted some examples of using list and vector:

and there is some info on the forums – search for vector or arraylist, like here:…-ght=vector…-ght=vector

hope that helps!!