Array of videos

I have actually two questions.

I am not all sure how to creat an array and especielly not an array with videos. Can anyone tell me how do i do that?

Then the next question is how do i create an array in an array? Maybe i can figure that out my self if somebody can help me with my first question.


To create an array of videos, you need to create an array of ofVideoPlayer:

in testApp.h add:

ofVideoPlayer videoPlayers[10];  

to create an array of 10 videoPlayers, then to use them, in setup, update draw…

when you used:


change it to


of course you will need to substitute 0 with some variable to access all the videoPlayers like in:

for(int i=0;i<10;i++){  

also take a look at this post:…-imensional

there’s a super good explanation about arrays in c++ by damian and also how to create an array of arrays, and why you should avoid it :slight_smile:

thanks i’ll have a look at it!

How I have to name the files? how I call them at the loadMovie? Can someone give me an example? Thanks!

You can try this

string diskPath = "path to the movie folder/";

	for(int i=0;i<10;i++){
          videoPlayer[i].loadMovie(diskPath + ofToString(i)+".mov");

You will have to replace “path to the movie folder/” with the path to the folder of movies. You will ahve to name all the movies etc.