array for ofVideoPlayer


I am just not getting how to set up an array to store various ofVideoPlayer inside?

Or is it better to use a vector?

can somebody provide me with the lines of code for that, or links to this lines?



i used something like that before, maybe my code can help you:…-Mover/src/

thanks a lot for the reply.

so you are using e.g.
“string nameArray[100]” to create an array, right?

how to create a empty array? is there some sort of push method?


you can do something like this, if you are familiar with pointers:

video * videoArray;  

and than in your cpp to runtime

videoArray = new video [number];  

this number doesn’t have to be a constant.

check here for more:

or another method is this:…-ample.html

hope this helped!