Arnold Screen Saver

I recently finished this screen saver and thought I would share it.

The screen saver displays random employee’s information and photograph, passively helping people learn others names or roles in the agency. The screen saver functions like employee flash cards and is powered by a database on the local office network. If the network is not detected, either the Arnold logo or Arnold R&D logo will appear, drop and break into circles.
Music by Magnetic Man “Flying into Tokyo”

It was quite difficult to figure out the new screen saver framework. Based on mazbox’s of64 on git, I put together a project that has an application target and a saver target, which made developing much quicker. I put together a tutorial about building screen savers in OF here: and it is available for osx 10.6 or greater here

Really awesome Nick! I saw this on vimeo the other day. It reminds me of zappos who uses (if I remember correctly) a sign in system where you identify people working at the company when you come to work in an effort to help learn about people at the company. I like your implementation too - really great idea!

Thanks Seth. I will have to check out that zappos reference.

It’s written about in the book ‘Devliering Happiness’. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, writes about ‘The Face Game’:

“In most companies, logging in to the computer systems requires a login and a password. At Zappos, an additional step is required: a photo of a randomly selected employee is displayed, and the user is given a multiple-choice test to name that employee. Afterward, the profile and bio of that employee are shown, so that everyone can learn more about each other. Although there is no penalty for giving the wrong answer, we do keep a record of everyone’s score.”

Zappos is known to have one of the best company cultures in the world and consistently ranked in the top places to work.

Very cool Nick ! I like the Nametags on springs + joints, it’s very playful.

The links are outdated , can you please update them . Thanks

I have a newer github repo that uses OF 0.8 and has a screen saver example.

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Thanks !! :smiley: