arm7 Pcduino issue

ok,this time with Pcduino&ubuntu, the codec script running fine,but running the it gaves the message loke unable to locate package libgstreamer1.0-dev
couldn’t find any package regex ‘libgstreamer1.0-dev’
no package found

package ‘libglew-dev’ has no installation candidate

which install_dependencies are you using?

ok - as soon as I posted that I saw the path in your screenshot

I am less familiar with Ubuntu but I do see the package here

I have been troubleshooting for a few hours. It seems that this is a good solution for ubuntu 12.04 folks. The base package is missing, so: install the gstreamear1.0
You will get an error for 2 missing packages (portaudio19-dev, libjack-dev) install them easily from synaptic…then run ./ and it should work fine.