ARKit: undefined symbols for architecture arm64

Howdy, I’ve been spending some time trying to successfully build the example-basic project from ofxARKit, and after jumping through some hurdles with signing, I am now receiving more than 100 error messages :

I followed the directions from the repo, but am unsure how to go forward with these errors. Any ideas?

Well…I was using the nightly build, when I received all these errors. I went ahead and downloaded the 0.10.1 build and now the examples are compiling fine.

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Hi, I’ve exactly the some problem. I’m not sure to understand how you’ve solved it :confused: What is the nightly build and how did you download the 0.10.1 build ?

hello jean-loup! the nightly builds are based on the current development version and are found near the end of the download page: download | openFrameworks

the older releases (including 0.10.1) are here: older releases | openFrameworks

and when raising issues, please mention your OS, Xcode and openFrameworks versions as these kind of linking errors can stem from many sources (and iOS is specifically picky).

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