Are there docs of the new ofxml api

This obviously breaks lot of plugins, is there some Dokumentation?

not yet though the api is pretty simple and there’s an example of how to use if in input_output/xmlExample. also if you just want to keep an old project working you can just include ofxPoco in your project and change ofXml to ofxXmlPoco

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I wish the functions had been left in with a deprecation warning. I use ofXml a great deal and it has made all my projects break. Simple tasks like setTo and all of the getValues don’t seem to have a function like float ofXml::getFloatValue(const string &path) anymore.

the old xml is in ofxXmlPoco, you just need to change the declaration of your classes from ofxXml to ofxXmlPoco and include that addon and everything else should work as it used to

I’m trying to use the new api…what’s the new equivalent of an xml.clear()? As in reset the xml document. There doesn’t seem to be anything that does this now.

mmh yeah i totally forgot to add that, i’ll add it for next release but meanwhile you can just do:

xml = ofXml();

Ok thanks!