Are there any plan for supporting CLion?

I will try version detection but I must say I don’t know a single thing about CMake :slight_smile:

I can add an error message “ofxSome3rdParty addon does not have an addon_config.cmake file!” so it will be more obvious.

Me neither :frowning:

If it’s too much a hassle, I’ll just upgrade to 0.9. We can deal with backward compatibility later on when 0.9.1 is released.

Great! I’ll just make addon_config.cmake files for all standard addons and clean up some of the mess.

I’ve forked the projectGenerator project here:

I’ll start patching it now.

@SFBurning, let me know what your github username is, will add you as a collaborator.

all addon_config.cmake files are done (except Emscripten), and I am able to get the oF version number. I guess that’s it for me today.

Cool, commit your stuff, to your repo - I’ll hopefully finish patching the project generator (haven’t been able to compile it yet).

@kureta: you may want t fork the oF project and commit your cmake files for oF and the addons.

@kureta, I’ve just patched the project generator to build the CMakeLists.txt file. It’s a little incomplete, but should work for now. Can you test it?

My fork:

I cant compile the code. I am sure I am doing something stupid but I cannot find what.
This is the error I get when I try to compile:

/Users/kureta/Documents/Cpp/of_v0.9.0_osx_release/apps/projectGenerator/commandLine/src/main.cpp:437:15: No member named 'initutils' in namespace 'of::priv'

Did you test it yourself? Does it work as intended?

Thanks for the effort on this! Does SFBurning fork still has problems with native OpenGL calls?

@kureta, sorry, I seemed to have missed your reply.

Yes, I’ve compiled it and it works as expected. Can you get the master branch of it? My fork for the project generator is based on the master oF branch.

@Emigre Nope! All good on that front.

To everyone else-- I’ve been dragged away from this temporarily for bill-paying reasons, but will rejoin the effort as soon as possible :slightly_smiling:

@SFBurning, super! Can you check the cmake list checked in @kureta?

Can OF_DIRECTORY be a relative path in CMakeLists.txt?

It seems to fail if I change the absolute path.

@Emigre, it should work. What error do you get?

@kureta, @SFBurning,
Updates on building the project generator:
You’ll need to clone the main oF repo. After you’ve done that, get git to update the submodules too:

$ cd openFrameworks
$ git submodule update --init

Once that’s done, change the project generator’s git repo to mine:

$ cd apps/projectGenerator/
$ git remote set-url origin
$ git pull origin master

After that, you can build it as follows:

$ cd commandLine/
$ make clean
$ make -j5

This builds the command line binary - note that the make -j5 results in some error at the last bit (something about copying it to somewhere - you can ignore that). Execute the command line bit as follows:

$ bin/ --help

@ilmenite you are right, it does work - I was making a very silly mistake on my part. Thanks : )

I couldn’t make the Project Generator work using ilmenite solution, but I was able to make a project using only the CMake files and the template. But I couldn’t load any addons to the project. I tried to follow the examples in “addons.cmake” file, but It didn’t work.

My addons.cmake looks like this

file(GLOB OFX_GUI “${OF_DIRECTORY}/addons/ofxGui/src/*.cpp”)
set(HEADER_OFX_GUI “${OF_DIRECTORY}/addons/ofxGui/src/”)

file(GLOB MSA_OPENCL “${OF_DIRECTORY}/addons/ofxMSAOpenCL/src/*.cpp”)
set(HEADER_MSA_OPENCL “${OF_DIRECTORY}/addons/ofxMSAOpenCL/src”)

file(GLOB OFX_CSV “${OF_DIRECTORY}/addons/ofxCsv/src/*.cpp”)
set(HEADER_OFX_CSV “${OF_DIRECTORY}/addons/ofxCsv/src”)


find_library(opencl_lib OpenCL)


Any suggestion on why it’s not working?

Is there any particular reason there is no support for Linux (yet)?
I’m happy to do some work on that, if someone can point out what the issues are (if any?)

I think you can run CLion in Linux with this solution almost out of the box, you just have to set the correct path to your OF directory and to your compiler in CMakeLists.txt file