Are there any ofVboMesh examples?

Hello everyone!
I’m curious about ofVboMesh yet I’ve not found any examples that use it. I’ve seen ofMesh used but the example basically draws a cube and I’m playing with it now ( ), but I read somewhere in the forum that ofVboMesh is faster.

How do they work together?
(I’m reading the 007 presentation by roxlu again just in case I forgot something)

Thank you!

While trying said example I get this in the console. I’ve read something about ir being a bug here . Besides that, the example works just fine.

[tt]OF: OF_LOG_WARNING: ofVbo: bad normal data!
OF: OF_LOG_WARNING: ofVbo: bad texCoord data!
OF: OF_LOG_WARNING: ofVbo: bad index data!

There is one for the upcoming 0071 release that you can get here if you aren’t using the develop branch on github

Thank you very much! =D

Verified in 007 from oF homepage.
Thanks again jvcleave