Are there any 2d rigging addons?

Hello OF!
I was contemplating for some time already if there are any ofx addons dealing with 2D rigging / animation?
What do I mean exactly by that?
Basically, it’s the same as 3D model rigging, except you’re doing everything with 2D bitmap textures.
I think these are wrapped to flat 2d meshes to be moved / scaled / rotated only along 2 axes, compared to 3d model rigging with all 3 axes.

Some references:

This type of animation is very easy to use and useful if you’d like to make quick and easy animated shorts or interactive animations for example - and it’s very lightweight on file sizes (if we’re talking about animation frames - imagine just the vector data of movement of the rigged bones and one texture file per animated “sprite”)

Is there already some addon that achieve exactly this (to avoid “reinventing the wheel”) or is it time to start making one?