Arduino with openframeworks for beginners

I am trying to make a project with arduino and openframeworks but i havent started yet, i am not sure which addon to use to get the least complications and to get the most out of the arduino.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hey you don’t necessarily need any addon - ofSerial should suffice for two way communication between OF and Arduino. Take a look at @danb’s examples from his MSc modules which he’s made available :slight_smile:

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if communication via network is an option, then you could also use OSC.

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if you get stuck with arduino feel free to drop me a line - the standard addon and the oF examples are pretty good, but happy to help out…


@Applepie wrote " Thank you so much for offering to help!
I cant seem to get the arduino initialized , it is connected and the firmata is on there but it never initializes…"

can you communicate with the arduino from the arduino desktop IDE?
this is the first place to start - if you can see and talk to the board from arduino you can then set it up to listen to serial instructions from oF.

from oF you will need to know the ID of the board and also the baud rate to talk to it with.