Arduino Mega / Firmata pins limit?

Hi, it seems that ofArduino only supports pins 0-21, is that correct? Is there any inherent limitation here, why are not more pins supported? Since arduino mega has 50+ pins, it would be great to have full access to upper pins.
(see related thread here: Arduino Mega / Firmata - pins above 21? )

*update: i see @DomAmato mentioned that this is currently being developed in for a future release. Are there any branches where this is up and running yet?

For the most part yes, I haven’t had the time to test every use case and it fell to the side during school but use the files found here:

This will automatically detect things like number of pins available and their capabilities so that you aren’t assigning pwm to a pin that doesn’t support it and so on.

Setting up the arduino just flash it with standard firmata or the variant you need and the feature detection should handle everything. as for the OF application it works the same as previous versions so the code in te firmata example should still run

Thanks @DomAmato , this is great. I’m now communicating with all 54 pins via standard firmata and OF.