Arduino Firmata and OF


I have been getting bits and pieces of info from scattered sources about getting arduino to talk with C++.

What do I need?

—Version of Firmata?
—OF class for C++?

If at all possible, please list the command for getting an analog sensor value.

I have used Erik’s AS3 Glue fine in flash, but now I need to start databasing sensor values. Thank you so much!!

I’m sorry – it’s a bit varied at the moment. the next release (0.06) will contain firmata.

in this post, there is a few links to a version I’ve been using with students. It works with my students just fine, but ivan said he was having trouble:…-ht=firmata

are you on a mac? there is a mac release there. I am pretty confidant that this will work just fine on pc/linux too but it’s untested at this moment. I had every single student (20) on macs last semester. so much for cross platform!

there are some examples on that blog (see the links) and that might be a good place to start. be sure to upload the modified firmata sketch to your arduino board. It uses a different baud rate then the standard firmata that comes with arduino.

also, that ofSerial has some changes / bug fixes that are pretty important.

I hope that helps –

take care,

ooh, i was reading that blog last night and saw the mac link, just didn’t know if i could use it. hmm… ill test it out tonight and let you know how it goes.

i cant wait for this to be all standardized and fully cross platform compatable