Arduino EInitialized event not getting triggered on Windows

Windows 10 / Visual Studio 2015 / openframeworks 0.9.8

So I am using the following code to connect my Arduino but the EInitialized event doesn’t trigger:

myArduino.connect("COM6", 57600);
ofAddListener(myArduino.EInitialized, this, &ofApp::setupArduino);

I tried using myArduino.sendFirmwareVersionRequest() suggested in this answer.

When I call the setupArduino function via keypressed everything works fine. It also works when I hit the reset button on my Arduino before starting the application. Note that I don’t have this problem on my Mac.

Any hints? :slight_smile:

Try replacing the code in ofArduino.h and ofArduino.cpp with the newest versions from the github:


These new files are basically completely rewritten and should connect much more reliably.

Works perfectly now! Thank you :slight_smile: