archlinux install scripts

Hey guys,

here are the files used to install the dependencies and the framework on

Just unzip it in the same place the oether installation folder are (fedora, ubuntu and co)

Hope this helps :wink:


Thank you 8)

I just tried it on my Arch64 box but it doesn’t work…

../../../openFrameworks/video/ofUCUtils.cpp:19:22: fatal error: avformat.h: No such file or directory  
compilation terminated.  
make: *** [obj/Debug/openFrameworks/video/ofUCUtils.o] Error 1  

Anyway I can compile oF manually commenting line 19 an 20 of “libs/openFrameworks/video/ofUCUtils.cpp” and adding “-D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS” to “USER_CFLAGS” (line 15).

Now works all but loadsound-stuff… (if you have any idea on how to help me please read

Anyway maybe you should add some sed line to your script to make it Arch64 compatible.