Appveyor CI - anyone got it working?

Hi everyone - relating to my last post - has anyone actually got continuous integration working for their add-on with Appveyor? (I notice that @bakercp addons CI no longer seem to be building in Appveyor). I’m mostly concerned with Windows as it’s not a platform I regularly use so would be very helpful to see when I break it!

thanks all


@seb_ly we migrated all our appveyor stuff over to Github Actions.
It is free to use on public repos.

For Window our setup is here:

And the install script it runs is here:

For your case you could probably have your install script download a packaged OF:

  • Then copy the addon in.
  • Run the PG from the command line to generate the project.
  • Then use similar commands at the end of the vs_build.yml to build the project

Hope that’s helpful.


Thanks so much @Theo ! I have some learning to do. I’ll let you know how I get along :blush: