Applying a texture to a sphere

I have been developing a small game for a while using OF, and up until now I have been using simple 2D textures in the shape of a circle to represent planets. These textures are not from a file, but made during startup.

I’ve looked around for some info on applying a texture to a Sphere, but so far have been unable to do much with what I have found.

To draw a Sphere I have been been able to use either:


and this doesn’t require any other supporting code


// before setup  
GLUquadricObj *quadratic;  
// in draw  
quadratic = gluNewQuadric();  
gluSphere(quadratic, 100.0, 20, 20);  

but I haven’t been able to get any binding code to work.

Is there an easy way to apply an ofTexture to a Sphere?