Apply equal loudness filter in audio file

Hello, I’m new in Openframeworks,
I need to apply equal loudness filter in audio file. But, I have no idea, how to do so. Also, I have very little experience in audio related programming.
Is there any easy/medium way to do this?

do you need to do this offline or in realtime? there’s a very good command line tool called SOX which is great for this kind of thing if you need to process files.

I need to extract some results/features from an audio file and generate *something* using those results. That *something* is static. Ugh, I’m not good in english :confused:
For example,

  1. An OF App
  2. You give a music from hdd.
  3. It will process that music.
  4. Present you *something*.

Is it possible to communicate SOX from OF and vice versa.

sox can give you alot of statistics (see the “stats” option) and you can pipe those to a text file then read them into OF

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