application stops after a while when minimized


I have a problem with an oF application. when minimized, after a while the application stops (does not output anything) but when i maximize, or give focus, it continues to work perfectly.

what might be the problem?

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Hey - when reporting bugs / strange behavior / errors, it is super helpful if you post information about your setup (ie: windows / linux / mac, which compiler, which example etc)

For your specific issue can you also explain how you know the app is stopped when it is minimized? Is it sending data that stops getting sent? etc etc



it stops sending data and printing data to the console. if i give it focus, it continues to run normally, ie continues to send data and print it to the console.

i’m on windows, using codeblocks with gnu gcc compiler.

it’s the movement vector thing with an extra udp code for sending data.


I just tested on pc and can confirm the following:

on windows / GLUT, if you minimize the app:

a) draw doesn’t get called
b) update does get called
c) runs ridiculously fast since it’s not drawing anything

wonder if this is the same behavior on other platforms… this is really a property of glut, since it’s likely not getting “redraw” calls from a lower level and then doesn’t call our draw. I’ll poke around and see how that’s working.

if you put the sending code in update, does it still work?
are you trying to send in draw?

hope that helps –

take care

I did this on a Mac and works fine. I did it outside of xcode, ill try it in xcode now.