Apple remote c++


I want to use an apple remote in a OF app, im looking for a library in c++ or something like that.

I found an objetive-c one but i don’t know this language

Someone knows about a c++ wrapper?

natxo pedreira gonzalez

Don’t know C++ wrapper but it’s possible to use both Objective C & C++ in the same app if you use Xcode for compile.

Example this addon :

But it’s a bit tricky…

I have played with that library before, and merged it with OF quite easily but , the problem I was having was isolating the remote input only to my app and not itunes or other computer features, like speaker volume etc…

The library can do that, but I didn’t have time to implement it correctly yet

maybe during this weekend but I can’t promise anything, if you figure this out let us know

I remember to read something like that to use the ir device in exclusive mode.

Im super-lost on objetive-c, can you share what you have now? I tried with hidapi as i do with a power-mate but i can not get valid data. And maybe i can get to implement the exclusive mode, or at least i can try

Yes you are right, once I called the “setExclusivemode” function it worked

AppleRemote (160.8 KB)


Thanks a lot igiso!!!

Hey @igiso - any chance you still have this app?? Best, Billy


AppleRemote (160.8 KB)