Apple Mach-o Linker Error

Hi guys.
I’m currently using Xcode4, trying to build to a 4.3 iPad device.

I keep getting this error:
ld: in /Users/…/…/OF/of_0062_iphone_FAT/apps/iPhoneSpecificExamples/iPadExample/…/…/…/libs/freetype/lib/iphone/freetype-iphone.a, file is universal but does not contain a(n) armv7 slice for architecture armv7

But the exact same build works when I try to build it to my 4.2 iPhone device. I have changed the iOS application target to ‘iPad’ in the summary tab of the project. Is there something else I am missing?

I have also tried several combinations of the following to no effect:

  • removing armv7 from architectures and setting to build active only
  • setting Mac OS X deployment target to 10.6

Would really really really appreciate any help!


I have come across the thread where some armv7 libraries were compiled, but I can’t seem to download them. Though it does appear to be a different problem since I can build on the simulator but not on the device, I would still like to attempt this! I’ve not been able to build to the device for days now! (shouldn’t have updated Xcode. z),-xcode-3.2.6,-ios4.3-device/5734/0

Would anyone happen to have these files stashed somewhere?

I just built them using this tutorial:

But I skipped the x86_64 step (it failed)

The resulting lib file:

I’m a bit of a newb (first post) so don’t trust it :wink:

Rob - thanks for sharing that file. unfortunately it didn’t work for me, so i too built it myself using the above linked tutorial. for mine, i was able to build the x86_64 version; put together, the resulting lib file is 2.7mb, fyi. with this new lib in place, both my iphone and the simulator now build and run fine.