Apple deprecates OpenGL support

This new worries me a lot. Do we have to say good bye to cross platform development? Do I have to choose a platform and leave aside the rest? Microsoft is also pushing to DirectX. I develop on linux and Windows, so I don’t see anything too auspicius in this move.
(I remember what happened with Flash after Apple decision)
I began to learn Vulkan, this is the kind of moments where I don’t know what it worth the effort.
I wonder if OF will remain cross platform. I would like it, but it seems the path is getting hard.

Apple deprecates OpenGL support

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Hi, certainly this news must worry us all, although there is still time to develop a solution and we’ll have to wait a few more years until openGL actually becomes unsupported on macos. This is not something that affects OF users only, it affects the whole gaming industry too, which is quite large, so some workaround will have to come out. OF should keep being cross platform.


there is still some hope for vulkan being cross platform, thanks to moltenvk and SPIR-V


I’m really interested in seeing how this will evolve.
The comment section on this article: Apple Deprecates OpenGL Across All OSes; Urges Developers to use Metal has some interesting views on the topic.
Do you think it will be feasible for openframeworks to rely on Metal?

PS: personally I would edit the title to something like “Apple deprecation of OpenGL”

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@vvzen You are right, this topic needed another title, thanks.
I would prefer OF remains cross platform (OpenGL, Vulkan), for the obvious advantages; on the other side OF has many Mac users to dismiss this situation.
Since OpenGL and Vulkan are widely use in the computer graphics field (not just gaming industry), I hope Khronos Group will work on a workaraund soon.
I am on the open source field, so I want OF relies on open source APIs as much as it could.

Maybe the future for using Metal or DirectX, it would be a sandbox framework. Or we all should have to colaborate with OF to overcome this situation.

I will read the article you posted later on.

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It is terrible news. I developed a lot of applications and art installations in openFrameworks and Kivy (python UI based on openGL). I would feel lost if these libraries are not available anymore on macOS. I really don’t want to switch to another OS.

I hope there will be an open source or commercial effort to bring openGL back to macOS.

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It certainly is bad news, but as noted elsewhere, it can take a few years before Apple actually ditches openGL.
On the bright side, there are already been some advances in the vulkan renderer

Also, one of the very important features of OF is it being cross platforms so I wouldn’t worry about it not being in the future. Even when a lot of OF users are mac users, it is also heavily used on other platforms and several of the core developers are not mac users. (AFAIK arturo is not).
Last but not least, OF has a really nice abstraction layer for renderers, which is what allows it to render to the different versions of openGL, openGLES, PDF, etc. All the scaffolding for implementing new renderers is already setup, so implementing either Metal or Vulkan or whatever else shouldnt affect the rest of OF and the way you code, and still make it, automagically, cross platform.


Screw Apple!!!


Having an end of year reflection and looking ahead moment, and I wondered where this conversation ended up?

I use OpenGL 4.1 with OF on apple extensively. Should I be planning to rewrite all of my shaders etc in the medium term? Or is it likely the change will not happen/be under the bonnet changes?


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OpenGL deprecated Apple many years ago.

(ie, how why and where in the hell people gonna loose all the classics?)