App works on my computer but not on any other computers

Hello OF Community.

I have succesfully compiled an app in debug and release mode on my pc with windows 7 and VS 2008 Express. It runs fine on my pc but when I move the compiled app to another computer it will not run. As soon as I double click the exe file I get a message within millisecends that says :

“Because the application configuration is incorrect, the application failed to start. To resolve this problem, reinstall the application.” --translated from Korean

The app uses a webcam. I have enlgish windows 7 the other computers have Korean windows XP.

What is the most common reason for this situation? I will post more info if it is required.

Thank You

How are you distributing the app? Have you tried other OF already compiled apps? Check Gamuza is an interesting project :slight_smile:


I did go back and try some of the example apps on other computers and they worked fine. It came down to OpenCV… anything that mentioned OpenCV would not work on any other computer. I am sure there is a good reason for it. I actually came across another thread somewhere that mentioned a simuliar problem with OpenCV.

Thank you for the link, I will definetly look into it.

A friend gave me an app that he wrote that uses opencv and a webcam and it ran on the win XP 32 bit computer, so that is possible… so I can assume that whatever is wrong, is wrong with my win 7 64 bit machine compiling apps that only work on it and nothing else?

Has anybody had a simuliar problem with opencv apps on different win versions and 32 vs 64 bit?

I am distributing them by copying the bin folder to other computers.