app working fine on linux and windows but not on mac


i have created a simple app that uses couple of addons (xml settings and osc), it works fine on linux and windows. A colleague of fine who uses mac is trying to test it but something weird happens. I am using an xml preference file that i read on startup to set some properties of the window. On mac this does not seem to work. Also I am loading a video but this neither seems to load. Both are located in the data folder. I told my colleague to make sure the files are there, so they are where they should but the app does not find them. Or so it seems. Any ideas why this might be happening?

The app seems to compile properly in Xcode. Sorry not to be more precise but I dont have more data about the error than this description.



What happens if you add


in your setup() function? Does that fix it?

i think it must have been something to do with the addons that my friend was doing wrong. After reading your post I thought that at least the OSC must work, otherwise it must have been something with both addons. So I started again in another computer by creating the project using the xml addon example, and then adding the ofxOsc manually. Now it compiles fine, the xml prefs are loaded and the OSC messages arrive.

thanks anyway…