App window won't close

Hey guys! So whenever I run an app through terminal on my Pi, the window never closes after i leave it. I use control-Z to exit the app. The window just stays frozen in the corner of my screen and I can’t do anything to remove it. Anyone know why this is happening? Thanks!

Control-Z will put the app in the background, so I’d recommend using Control-C to quit. You can confirm that an app is in the background by typing jobs. You should see your app listed. If you only have one job in the background the command fg will bring it back after a Control-Z since it is the most recently backgrounded app. If you have backgrounded multiple apps, you can fg [jobid] to bring a specific job out of the background. See these links for more:


As an aside, similar symptoms (even when using Control-C) are almost always attributable to power issues on the Raspberry Pi. Yeah, I know it’s strange, but in all the workshops I’ve led this is usually the case. So, make sure that you are using a powered hub for usb devices and make sure that your power supply is giving you enough current. I’ve found that even different mice / keyboards / monitor resolutions – sometimes affect the Pi’s fragile power system :slight_smile:

i think there’s some problem with how we are capturing the interruptions that lead to frozen apps that won’t close even using Ctrl+C. I’m almost sure this is a bug in the interruptions capturing but haven’t been able to find why it happens exactly

What i usually do is Ctrl+Z and then killall -9 exampleName.

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