App uses oF splashscreen only on non-Retina iPhone

This has been driving me nuts - despite setting my own splashscreen (Default.png) for the non-Retina 3.5" screen, it is still showing the oF image instead of mine. It works fine on all other resolutions, I just can’t get rid of this one!

Any ideas?

Well the solution was to make sure I had the Default.png in bin/data/ even though all the others work fine when referenced anywhere else. Still don’t understand why it’s doing it though :slight_smile:

Delete oF image from data folder and drag&drop your own image in to Target Summary Launch Images.
Don’t forget to do Clean from Product -> Clean.

That’s why I don’t understand it - I didn’t HAVE the oF Default.png, anywhere in my projects’s subdirectories, I specified my own launch images in Xcode, and always did a clean before building.