app store version behaves differently from local build version

this is a very odd one. not sure if it’s strictly oF-related, but i thought i’d give it a shot as i’m a bit befuddled.

i’ve made an ipad 2 app using oF and it’s in the app store. however, the version that i download from the app store has touch actions that are different from the version that i build and run locally. it’s the EXACT SAME code in both cases - which i archived and uploaded to itunes connect - yet they behave differently.

specifically, touchDown() is called in both cases as expected when a touch occurs, but it looks like touch.numTouches or might be returning different values. i’m not doing anything fancy in my touchDown() code, yet some part of it is simply not being run in the app store version.

any ideas? thanks.

might be obvious if so but is it the exact same device (meaning same iOS?)

I remember the numTouches being inconstant and a little weird before. Not sure if this was fixed or not in 007. It seems odd that it’d be different between AppStore and prior.

jvcleave - yes, it’s the same device.

Seth - yes, numTouches can return either 1 or 16 on the first single-finger touch, so i handle both cases. i’m using a version of 0069 and i could try 007. i still don’t know why the same code gets executed for local version and does not run for app store version. very strange.